BG Tec Sp. z o.o. boasts a long tradition in research and development of innovative windows and facade systems. The activity is conducted within the framework of an experimental prototyping laboratory (BG Tec Lab 2.0) equipped with the latest technologies in the range of three-dimensional scanning systems, 3D printers for the realization of profiles, gaskets and components as well as computerized numerical control centres for cutting and the assembly of components.

The laboratory is critical in delivering full-scale innovative ideas which can then be validated on demo wall, while under real conditions, on a demo building. The laboratory is therefore an asset of undeniable value in interacting with customers in order to develop the products for "special" projects where they can experience their ideas with a single partner, from design phase, by validation and certification of performance up to the filing of the patent or utility model.

In recent years laboratory activities has focused on issues of comfort, safety and energy savings addressed in a systemic manner and not as individual features, that our innovative windows face an integrated manner with attention to economic sustainability in view of life cycle of the product.