The experience and expertise in design and architecture of its founders allowed Bergamo Tecnologie, since its founding in 1996, not to restrict only to the production of windows, but to dedicate to the creation of great works, especially of those with high technological content.

The know-how of our technical office allows us to follow each job from the initial draft to the complete realization of the work. We start from a careful planning with computer systems in order to identify the best solution built with the most suitable products taking into consideration numerous factors such as views and rendering, structural, thermal, acoustic and logistics without forgetting the visual impact . The first step in the design phase is the preparation of the preliminary drawings.
This first phase is aimed at providing the customer an idea of ​​the overall shape of the building and to consider if this corresponds to what he wants or needs in terms of aesthetics, performance, thermal noise, with a focus on environmental impact and sustainability. In order to make easy the future vision of the project we integrate the same with 3D visualizations in Sketchup or Autocad 3D. The next step consists in the execution “on site” by our technical staff of all environmental surveys in order to get the project complete and final.

The executive project will contain all the detailed plants of the building with all the measures, the vertical and horizontal sections with precise indications of all materials to be used.
It is our standard insert in the executive drawings the fixing system details and any brickwork to be prepared before installation. Specific software allow us to obtain during the planning process the “work processes” of profiles, glasses, panels, accessories and anything else necessary for the execution of the project. At this stage we prepare also the thermal, static or structural calculations.
The wide variety of realized projects made us particular adaptable and suitable for the design of buildings and architectural additions.

We realize turnkey projects such as:

  • Aluminum and glass curtain walls with traditional mullions and transoms
  • Aluminum and glass semi-structural and structural curtain walls
  • Alucobond aluminum composite panels curtain walls including technological support
  • Meg, trespa or parklex panels curtain walls including technological support
  • Natural stone, marble or ceramic curtain walls including technological support
  • Pyramidal glass covering
  • Aluminum and glass domes
  • Shelters with aluminum structure and glass, polycarbonate or methacrylate panels
  • Traditional and technical moving partitions
Our specialization in these activities allowed us to work in almost all over the world especially in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Our constant innovation and attention to the technological innovations encourage us to improvement and to be open towards new horizons and new challenges; for this reason, in a not so far future, we will engage in new activities and new projects not yet been explored.