The main activity of Bergamo Technologies is undoubtedly the manufacture and installation of all types of doors and windows.

We offer a wide range of products that allow us to have different customs, home of private citizens, small and large firms and public housing, luxury homes and large buildings, with a particular attention to the innovative and high-tech construction.
We produce pvc 5-6 chamber windows with an excellent quality / price ratio that enable our clients to take advantage of tax deductions of 36 and 65% due to their excellent thermal performance level. Specifically, we pay special attention to energy improvements. We also propose the “special profile for retrofitting”, that reduces bone restoration activities reducing installation time.
In addition to the classic white color, windows are also available in wood effect and colored, in order to meet all the requests of our customers without forgetting to satisfy the aesthetic aspects.

For classic style and wooden windows warmth lovers, we have a line of laminated timber in thicknesses of 68, 78 and 92 mm. Starting from the base line in softwood fir you can get to the finest woods such as mahogany and oak.
In the same types of wood are also available external windows with angle of the slats or in the version vertical slats totally blind door. All our wood frames are totally environmentally friendly and painted with controller water-based coating.

We propose an aluminum thermal break system window, 65 mm thick, available in various finishes (RAL and oxidized). Regarding external windows, it is possible to install the door with fixed or adjustable slats, dark version with horizontal or vertical slats and finally dark version with folding doors of reduced thickness.
For those who want a window that maintains the look of wood but do not require any maintenance, our wood-aluminum model is the right combination. In fact, it has a bearing laminated timber structure with an aluminum profile on the outside part that protects the frame from the bad weather, leaving the frame unchanged over the time. The overall thickness of 88 mm allows him to have a good thermal transmittance, too.

Our company is also involved in the production of special fixtures required for those who want to give priority to security such as armored doors made ​​of tubular steel covered with wood. It has a small marketing, but it always gives us numerous satisfactions.
For retrofitting works, we propose some monoblock shutter with high thermal and acoustic performance, produced with special frames, realized for each singular case, visible certificated boxes or retractable polystyrene boxes, that allow the installation of manual or motorized blinds in various materials: pvc anti-hail, insulated aluminum, insulated steel, extruded aluminum. We are also dealers of some of the best brands of interior doors, security doors and screens.
The skill and knowledge of our technical office allow us to objectively analyze each job in every aspect, helping our customs (private or firm), choosing the right window, in terms of thermal, structural, aesthetic and, if required, acoustic aspects.
In our windows it is possible to install any type of glass, from simple stratified to low-emissivity glazing with argon up to the more complex types such as acoustic glazing, reflective, solar control or self-cleaning.
Our software allows us to calculate the performance of each individual window during the ordering procedure.
Our windows are certified and manufactured exclusively with components produced within the European Community in accordance with the regulations in force.
The installation is performed by our specialized staff with the highest availability, courtesy and attention to detail ensuring a “well done” result. .
We specialize in consulting, design and implementation of prototypes of any type of window, curtain wall or skylight to both flat and curved, with various solutions (pre-assembled modules or to be assembled on site), with innovative opening system manual or electric, or integrated heat exchanger. The prototypes are achievable in any type of material.
Our experience and our database allow us to advise you and to solve all your questions and satisfy every request.